The Next Level

Every year there is a tremendous amount of interest throughout the nation from College football fans, Recruiting Experts, College Coaches, and the National Media on who the best recruits in the country are and where they will play college football. For most of the college coaches in the nation that search starts at Scholarship High.

Cameron Clemons, David Knox, Cortez Simmons, Josh Robinson, Malik Mingo, Robert Brown, Aqeel Glass, Jordan Sommerville, Kyrell Roberts, Jordan McDowell, Chris Avery, Ronnie Perkins, Devin Ruffin, Donovan Marshall, Canaan Brooks, Nick Lotts, Keyshaun Van Dyke, Keelin Anderson, and Tim Branneky are a few who who decided to make a commitment to be the best that they could be and found homes on the next level.

I look back fondly at each of them and the decisions they made to put their heart and soul into their futures. Watching them get offered hundreds of scholarships to continue their education and athletic futures was a dream come true. To help be a facilitator in their journey to experience college is a blessing. Scholarship High will never be duplicated in scope, trend, or excellence. It is the gold standard and one of its kind.

Thank you to all the many students and parents who have made it possible. Winning games here is not the goal. Winning at life for each individual child is what we are about.  You can go anywhere from here. Scholarship High, Keep Working!!!

Coach Reed

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